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Just like the most car owners, you hold your vehicle in high regard and want to take the utmost care to protect your investment. One superb way to preserve your investment, is through regular maintenance and keeping it washed regularly.  The choices you make for your vehicle, in terms of care and maintenance, will have a direct impact on its value retention and performance on and off the road. 

At Able Body Shop, our automated car wash is prepped with a manual process by one of our skilled technicians. Backed by state-of-art equipment, Able Body Shop is one of the finest car wash service providers in Kalispell.  We offer a brush-less, touch-less and high-power wash system. Each wash is followed by a manual wipe down by one of our professionals. We promise to get all that salt and road grime off-of your vehicle today! Did I also mention, Able Body Shop offers free rock chip repair too?? 

Bring your vehicle down to get those chips repaired for free and grab an extraordinary wash while you’re at it!! 

Why Should You Visit Able Body Shop for a Car Wash?

You may ask yourself, why should I go all the way to a car wash service provider, when you could just grab a sponge, soap and water and try it yourself?  If you truly care for the safety of your car, you must visit a car wash service provider that uses high-end equipment and cleaning products like we do at Able Body Shop. This assures there is no damage to your vehicle, or the environment.  We are the quality, affordable, car wash service solution in Kalispell.  Don’t let the other car washes leave dirt under your wheel wells, or not let you wash your floor mats!  Let Able Body take the time and attention to detail to wash your vehicle thoroughly.  We guarantee your satisfaction!

Range of Services to choose from

At Able Body Shop, you will experience a top- quality car wash each time you pay a visit. We offer a wide range of service selections to choose from for an outstanding car wash experience. Each vehicle has different needs and a car wash at Able Body Shop will cater to them.

You can find the following services at your disposal.

  • Brush-less and touchless wash system
  • Complete exterior wash to remove any rust, dust and stain
  • Followed by a manual wipe down post wash
  • Glass, window and tire service

Come visit us today at 2025 US Hwy 2 East in Kalispell.  We are right next to the Fed Ex building and the new City Brew.  Remember, if you find yourself in need of a FIX, come to Able Body Shop!! Doing business and supporting the local community since 1976.

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