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The crew at Able Body shop is some of the best people I've had to deal with.  My son from Indiana,working in Montana for the summer as college internship had an accident that put him in a difficult situation being so far from home.  Both James and Jeff understanding the unique situation worked tirelessly to help my son through this difficult time.  They were professional and reasonably priced.  There is something to be said about the integrity and honesty of people who will help a total stranger.  I highly recommend that you do your business with Able Body Shop...They truly will help you like you are one of their family.  
Randall Archer 
Washington, Indiana
Excellent Experience
  · 6 years ago.
Excellent experience with Able considering the less than ideal situation of a damaged vehicle.  Thank you!
  · 6 years ago.
I appreciate your making the arrangements for the rental car.
Excellent Ratings
  · 6 years ago.
You deserve excellent ratings.  Craig and Jeff allowed me to go in the shop area to see exactly what was being done to repair my car.  Thank you to all who put my car back in the same beautiful condition it was in before it was hit.
My third repair, including my company vehicle.  Always been very happy.  Have recommended you many times.
Easy on the Customer
  · 6 years ago.
Very satisfied.  Hate to need your services, but you make the process so easy on the customer.
Very Satisfied
  · 6 years ago.
Very satisfied with the quality of work provided in a timely manner with periodic updates.
Professional and courteous staff.  Kept me informed of the progress.  Made a bad situation much easier to deal with.  Thanks!!
Positive and Pleased
  · 6 years ago.
Thank you all for making my "sad" situation into a very positive one.  I am so pleased by everyone I connected with and my car is "beautiful" now!
So Good
  · 6 years ago.
Quality and workmanship is so good that I couldn't imagine going to any other body shop!
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