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We offer free estimates to all customers. Give us a call or if you have some time, swing by. One of our estimators will be happy to take a look at your vehicle.

Yes, matter of fact we’re insurance recommended. If you happen to call your insurance company beforehand theirs a high chance they’ll refer you.

You’re under no obligation to choose us. We just ask if you make an appoinment you communciate with us if something comes up.

We have a list of local towing companies we can recommend, but any local towing company will be familiar. Just tell them Able Body Shop and they’ll know. 

Billing depends on your insurance coverage and who was at fault for the accident. Typically you’ll only be responsible for your deductible if you have one. 

If your insurance deems your car is a total loss you’ll likely be entitled to the cost of replacement minus your deductible. It’s best to direct these questions to your estimator and then your insurance agent.